Take a vacation… from your problems

Now if you instantly know to which movie I am referring just from the title of my post—you pass. We can be great friends. If you don’t instantly get it, here is your taste of culture for the day (we can still be friends too, just maybe not “let’s get matching tattoos”-kind of friends):

I love this movie, I really do. What About Bob makes me laugh, even after seeing it dozens of times. So many quotes from this movie are so applicable to daily life. No? Not for you? Just me then? Okay. Well this past week and the next 2 weeks are my vacation from my problems (and a real vacation with planes, boats, mountains and beaches!) Hence, the lack of any posts recently.

My mom has been visiting for the past week and today 2 of my aunts came to visit (one welcome, one very much not welcome…) Tomorrow morning we head off for a 10 day trip around the South Island. So I have been MIA and will continue to be for another 10 days. I’m going to drink wine and coffee, eat sweets and maybe even skydive. A vacation from my problems? You bet I will! When I get back I’ll have no job and no visitors, so no reason I can’t get back to regular blogging again.


Mom and I at my favorite Thai restaurant. I know we don’t look alike—I look like my dad

So until next time, baby steps to the car, baby steps to the plane, baby steps to the winery…