My Leap of Faith

Let me start this post out my assuring you I’m not pregnant. Far from it. But, yesterday while doing last minute shopping in New Zealand, I actually bought something for our future child. There is a store here that makes gorgeous New Zealand themed onesies and I always envisioned buying one over the past year and a half, once I got that BFP. Well, the BFP never came, but now we are leaving NZ and won’t have the chance to buy it again. So, in a moment of fully trusting God that He will bless us with a child one day, I just grabbed it off the shelf and ran to the cash register before I could change my mind.

photo 2

The subtle Kiwiana details of a sheep, fantail bird and fern. So cute!

I was feeling good until she asked me if it was a gift. “Oh no, this is for me, but I’m not pregnant so I’m just getting it for sometime in the future because I believe that God will give me a child.” “Yes”. So she wrapped it up in tissue all nicely.

I told hubby about it and he said he really liked that I did that! I was a bit nervous he would think I was dumb or getting my hopes up.

So there it is. My first leap of faith showing that I even at the times where I feel the most hopeless, I can still praise Him and act as if I already have all the gifts He is going to give me.