What is going on?1?

So since last posting, my life has gone crazy! That is why it’s taken me 4 days to post about my IUI.

Wednesday morning I left my house for a visit to my parents in Iowa. They are moving soon so I came down to help them go through some stuff. Thursday morning I was to drive back to Minneapolis, get a quick bikini wax (been forgetting for over a week so needed to get it done before the weekend!) then it would be off to the Center for Reproductive Medicine for my very first IUI.

I get home at 10:30 for a quick 30 min unloading of the car (we had out Subaru packed with my stuff from my parent’s), and then it would be off for my adventures. I walk downstairs to turn a fan on to air out the house and *squish*. Our basement was flooded. What?!? Literally hours before my IUI and our brand new basement is flooded.

photo 5

Thursday’s schedule was packed tight included dinner with friends  at our place that night. Luckily the IUI was pretty uneventful and everything went as expected. I had no discomfort or pain at all! I really enjoyed my 10 min lie down after the procedure, but I took my time and made it 15 min just to be safe 🙂 Friday morning was cleaning and getting ready for the in-law troops who were arriving at 3 for a weekend visit. I was already stressed about having the house put together for their visit, and this just made me crazy. So instead Thursday afternoon, night, Friday morning, and afternoon were spent pumping water out, squeegee-ing and moving our new unpacked basement up into the garage. Good grief!

photo 2

The cleanup         photo 3

The in-laws arrived and it was chaos until they left this afternoon. Fun, but chaos none-the-less.

Then today we discovered all our floors have to be pulled up and it would save us $1500 to do it ourselves, so we opted for that. Oh, did I mention my husband is away on business from today until Tuesday, so I have to manage all this by myself. So, I’ve been tearing up floors with my respirator on hoping this is just a test of how strong I am before I get my BFP in 2 weeks. Just making sure I don’t work too hard and get too exhausted.

photo 1

My progress so far!

I refuse to take it as a bad omen for this cycle, but choose to see it as a test as to weather I can keep my cool in tense situations. I was actually quite proud of myself for how I handled all this drama. I was able to just be thankful for what I do have and not dwell on what I’ve lost. Some people lost their homes in the floods. Others had damaged possessions. I just have to replace my floors.  Please pray for my patience and ability to get all the work done and of course for that BFP!!


100% of the shots you don’t take

Well, I’ve had a whirlwind of a month and it just keeps going. I’ve not even been back for 30 days yet and I’ve:

-Moved into a house

-Bought a new car


Our new Subaru Outback

-Had a job interview!

-Did 59 hours of continuing education

-Flew to Dallas to spend 5 days with my cousin and her newborn

-Took clomid

-Grew 2 awesome follicles


-Gave myself a shot

-Met up with several friends to catch up

And in the next few days:

-Our shipment from NZ will arrive Thursday

-Which also happens to be the day that our first IUI is scheduled!!

-Friday my husband’s whole family is coming to visit Minneapolis for the weekend

-Saturday we hopefully will get our new internet after changing providers and then the system “went down” on the day we were supposed to get connected!

Wow! Did you catch something in there? I went in for my day 10 scan and huzzah, I had two big follicles waiting. One was 24 something and one was 20 something, on the right and left. And my lining was good (I was so in the zone I wasn’t paying attention, but 8.4 sticks out in my head).

So in a whirl, we got scheduled and instructed for our IUI. I had to give myself my first shot and was terrified. Hubby already had tickets to the One Republic/Script/American Authors concert, so I was riding solo on this one. I was a bit nervous, so facetimed with my parents. My dad was a corpsman in the Navy so is always a rock in medical situations.


Writing about shots makes me think of the original quote, and the reduplicated quote from Michael Scott 🙂

The biggest problem I had was getting the bubble out! There was liquid at the top, then a big air bubble and I was afraid of losing too much liquid from the needle in the process of getting rid of it. My dad kept telling me I was being a wimp J I finally did it, and it was nothing. I really didn’t feel it at all. I got a little woozy immediately after for like 10 sec, but that could have been a vasovagal response, I just had a lie down for a few minutes and felt fine.

So now I’ve just got to get through the next few days of chaos, then have some down time while I wait to hear about the job and hopefully a BFP! Both hubby and I are feeling really hopeful this month, and even if we are let down, it’s a great feeling to be hopeful! Also, my devotions have really been speaking to me lately and helping me feel secure and loved by God. Please pray for good timing and precision by the doctors/nurses for a successful IUI!



Busy Busy Busy, and a doctor’s appointment!

Well, I guess moving back home is harder than we thought. EVERYTHING is taking more effort and time than we planned for, so we are doing something sun up to sun down (which is a lot of time right now, 6:00am-9:00pm!) We’ve been chasing furniture, setting up bills and trying to get a job for me!

I had a job interview last week and it went really well, and to counter balance that, I was 60 hours behind in my state licensure because all my time in NZ won’t count. Soo, I’ve been doing online continuing education non-stop since Thursday. Not to mention in the midst of all that, we had our first RE appointment here in Minnesota.

We went to Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRM) in Minneapolis. I thought it was really great. The waiting area room was comfortable, and the doctor (Bruce Campbell) himself came out to greet us, rather than a nurse, which was nice. We went back into his office and it reminded me of the scene in Breaking Bad where Walt gets his cancer diagnosis. Big mahogany desk, two soft sitting chairs facing the desk and papers. He was great and just reviewed everything he knew about us from our records from NZ and reaffirmed the unexplained sub fertility diagnosis before explaining where he wants to go from here.

He told us in a comical way that if you take all of “you folk” who can’t get pregnant easily and throw them in a bucket, and do certain  things, x number will get pregnant, and you just keep going to the next cycle where x number more will. So he wants to throw as many sperm at as many eggs (within reason) to see what happens. And we are so excited to do that. Luckily (by the grace of God), despite a BFN my period was 3 days late so instead of seeing the doctor on day 5 (meaning we couldn’t do anything this month), we saw him on day 2, so we went from consult to the hooha wand to get a baseline follicle count and off we go to get clomid. As I had already resolved in my head that I wanted to move on to IUI, we were excited that things were moving so fast. I just couldn’t help but think there was a reason everything went so smoothly, including my period lining up correctly. So, I’m back to hopeful for this month. Isn’t this just a roller coaster? Happy to sad, Hopeful to hopeless back to hopeful, content and grieving, all in one day! We are like super-heros. Lability Woman, to the rescue!


Note: This is not anatomically correct…or is it? Haha


When someone at risk of feeling the same emotion for more than a day- we’ll be there, when someone is really happy about their current situation, we’ll be there, when on the brink of despair, we’ll be there to change your mood instantly!

So, now I’m on C again (I like that name better, makes me fell tougher, like I’m on street drugs) and will wait and see how this cycle rolls out. I’m actually not feeling too nervous, because I feel like even though it’s my first IUI, I know the gist, have already done the meds and have read about so many others that I feel like I’ve done it before. I am a bit nervous for the trigger shot, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there in 7-12 days!

I’m praying for all of you out there!