It’s a….


I know I’ve been very delinquent on posting, I’ve really been aiming to post every week or 2, but now its been 3, almost 4 and that’s in poor form! I think I need to get over this mental block where I think unless I have 30 min or more to sit and reflect and write, I shouldn’t write at all. So now as I’m sitting drinking my tea before bed I thought, hey! I should write tonight!

For those of you regulars who have been following along, we finally got to find out that our little baby is a girl! If we were having a boy I would have been just as happy, but now that we know it’s a girl, I can say I secretly wanted a girl 🙂 We thought we had a girl’s name picked out, but once it got real, we backpedaled and are now back to a top three. We think we might just go into D-day with the list and see what she fits best.

photo 1

Watching the baby on the screen (didn’t know hubby was taking these!)

photo 2

The first pictures we’ll keep of our baby (we are totally bad parents and lost our first ultrasound pics…)

photo 3

Didn’t buy this, just took a picture cuz it was so cute!


Just after finding out about our little lady, we went to Chicago for the rugby match between New Zealand’s All Blacks and the USA team. We got to meet up with some friends from Auckland and it was so great to see them again and surprise them with my growing belly! No one expected the Americans to win, but it was just sad they couldn’t even score one try. We were the few kiwi fans in our area but were not shy to jump and cheer for every try they got (and there were a lot, score: 74-6). By the way if you didn’t know: Soldier Field is freaking cold!!!

photo 4

The past 2 weeks have been busy busy (work, church, visitors, and I finally started swimming at the rec center) but I’m happy to say that in January I will start working only .6 (3 days per week), which I am so excited about. I have been pretty stressed between being a speech therapist, wife, Christian and mom (and not to mention a person with my own needs), not feeling like I was fully present in any role. So reducing my hours for the final 10 weeks of my pregnancy will give me time to connect with the hubby, and the baby, relax, pray/study and get the house ready (major basement construction happening in December) for March.

How am I planning to connect with my baby? Well that has been something else going on in our busy month–we’ve just started our Hypnobirthing classes and will be practicing deep relaxation and meditation  to ready myself for a gentle, calm birth. To do this, you need to practice breathing techniques every day before you give birth! If you’ve never heard of hypnobirthing before, or are curious what a hypnobirth is like, here is a link to a video (just found it on Youtube so not endorsed or anything!). So I’ll want some extra time to practice my breathing and relaxation techniques as D-day comes closer.

The highlights right now are being almost 24 weeks and feeling a lot better, getting the baby shower planned for January (not Minnesota’s finest time of year, but with the holidays and arrival month, we have no choice!) and next week we will go register for some items for the shower. We are trying to stick to basics and not go overboard as my husband and I both believe in a minimalist lifestyle.

Have a blessed week and hopefully it won’t be another 4 weeks before I’m back 🙂