HSG results!

I had my HSG on Monday. For those of you reading who aren’t in the fertility game that is a hysterosalpingogram, which  is a test done to determine if your fallopian tubes are clear and your uterus is of normal shape and size. I had read up on the test and was a bit scared going in. It sounded like it was going to hurt, so I was prepared.

It really wasn’t that bad! Not saying I’m going to volunteer to do this again on a Saturday afternoon for funsies, but it was ok. Once I was on the table, I felt very relaxed and comfortable knowing that these people know what they are doing and it will be fine. I had some cramping just as they were filling the balloon and just as the die was entering my fallopian tubes, but other than that, pretty painless! And the pain I did have only lasted a few seconds. I had a little spotting later in the day, but that was it. I guess I am lucky or tolerate pain well.

Side Story: The last time I had any kind of radiological imaging done was in 2009 when I had my appendix removed. As I was getting my Ct the tech said that it may hurt a little as the dye runs through my veins, so just bare with it and it will be over soon. As I lie there I started to feel immense pain in my arm, she said it would hurt, so I tolerated it, closed my eyes and went to my happy place. A few minutes later she came in and said “What is going on, there is no dye in the study?” She looked at my arm and freaked out. I had a softball-sized mass of dye in my forearm- my vein had burst and the contrast had pooled in my forearm. She kind of yelled at me asking why I didn’t tell her this was happening and I said “You told me it was going to hurt…”. Haha, that really complicated my recovery as I could’t use that arm and had to keep it elevated for a few days while it all absorbed into my body (where does it all go??!?).

This, was nothing like that. The tech and radiologist were very nice and gentle and explained everything as they did it and did everything slowly, but firmly. They asked my hubby if he wanted to come back to the room with me and stand behind the glass, which was nice–I thought he would have to be in the waiting room.

And finally…everything was normal! I could tell the radiologist did this test a lot because when she showed me the images, explaining that it was normal she knew that it would give me mixed emotions because some people (and a part of me) want something small to be wrong, giving an easy fix to infertility, but yet it is always nice to narrow down the problem. It was interesting actually seeing my anatomy. She explained that in the textbooks everyone looks symmetrical and beautiful, but in real life our anatomy is not perfect, as mine looked really goofy with my uterus off to the left side. I was worried at first! Just to give you an idea, here is a google image of someone else’s normal HSG. That looks nothing like my textbooks say it does!



What I am most excited about is that now I can call my fertility specialist back and set up another appointment to see her. It’s been 3 months since I started all the testing, so am looking forward to discussing my situation and options with her. Plus, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read somewhere that you have increased chances of pregnancy in the 3 months after and HSG. It may be a very slim increase, with very little research to back it up, but I’ll take it for some much needed optimism in my last 3 months in New Zealand.