Fun with Fur Babies

So I don’t think it’s a secret on here that I am a crazy cat lady. It’s not overly apparent in my daily life as I have a husband and [soon to be] baby, which helps keep me from achieving full-blown crazy status. I’m able to keep it contained and behind closed doors—until now.

This is my baby–Scutero. She is pretty much the best kitty in the world. You can see how easy it is to be obsessed with her.


There are a lot of baby things that are confusing and difficult to visualize without a squirmy baby involved. So in my final months/weeks of pregnancy, I started using our cat as a guinea pig for various baby items as well as just to satisfy my fix my holding my future baby.  Of course I do these things just to be stupid, and provide myself free entertainment.

I thought I would share them with you for a good laugh and for some inspiration if you’ve thought about doing the same thing…


Kitty trying out the Maya Wrap. She actually sat in there for a few minutes (with some petting/snuggling) before she needed to get out



Dressing a fussy baby can’t be harder than a cranky kitty


Swaddling a kitty. I am laugh/crying here, if you’re wondering about the odd look on my face. She did not like this one.


We also tried putting her in the car seat and bassinet, but she jumped out of those so fast we couldn’t snap a picture.

Please share any photos or stories of you being a crazy cat lady/dog lady to join in the fun!!