Update from the doc

This is an update from a few weeks ago, but just now am getting around to posting from vacation:

I finally had my follow up appointment with my doctor to review all my tests and discuss the next steps. In brief, I am now officially a UI (unexplained infertile). My egg reserve is a bit low, but not so much that it affects my ability to get pregnant each month, but may mean they would get fewer eggs if they did IVF. I was worried my low AMH meant “bad eggs”, but she said there is no way to know about egg quality until IVF is done to actually inspect them under microscope, so that makes me feel a little better! I was a little worried she was going to tell me I’ll never get pregnant with my own eggs (I am a worst case scenario person…) Every other test came back “normal”.

So… she recommended a go with Clomid, which I was expecting to be the first step.  As we were to be on vacation the next day, it’s a bit of an unorthodox first time, but she wasn’t concerned. So I took the Clomid while on vacay. You can read about my adventures with Clomid here.

So we’re giving Clomid 2 rounds while in New Zealand, and then will have to start up with a new doc in the US. Hopefully it won’t set us back too far, time wise. Anyone have any suggestions for doctors in Minneapolis?