3 and 4 months

We have had a crazy couple of months here in the Smith house. In 2 months we’ve visited Madison, WI for a concert (Ben Rector), downtown Chicago, San Francisco, Tennessee and we are about to leave for North Carolina for a week. Because of that, I’ve not had a lot of time to get on here and post. I have been getting on my app and checking in on everyone, but haven’t had to motivation/energy to post.

Will’s work is very exhausting and he works long hours, but there are some great perks. Chicago and SF were work trips, so we only had to pay for my airfare and had a little mini vacay. Plus, he gets 6 WEEKS paid paternity leave, which he can take anytime in the first year. So we are doing a family road trip to Tennessee and North Carolina this month. We are excited that Harriet gets to put her feet in each ocean before 6 months!

Harriet is doing great. She is sleeping through the night and starting to teethe. She loves to smile and laugh and play with her feet.  Breastfeeding finally got easy and I love feeding her. It was a long road though, I’d say around 3 1/2 months is when it finally was easy. I can finally wear exclusively non-maternity clothes, but my belly, bum, and back, (yes, back) still has a little extra meat on it.

I am so happy that several IF bloggers and friends who have struggled have recently announced that they are having babies, and am still praying for those who are still waiting on babies through pregnancy or adoption.

Here are a few photos from Harriet’s last 2 months.


Mother’s Day Hike


Sisters and their babies



Exploring Chicago together



Seeing the midwife who helped bring her into the world again!


Her first plane ride. She was a rockstar!


Her first baseball game at AT&T Park. Go Mariners!


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