Showered in Love

As promised, here are some photos and recaps from my baby showers the past 2 weekends. I am not the kind of person who thinks I need multiple baby showers, but my husband’s family lives 5 hours away and none of them would travel for a shower in Minneapolis, and my family is from all over the country and Dubuque, Iowa (where my husband is from) is not an easy place to fly in to, so we had to divide the shower into his side/my side.

The first shower was thrown by my sisters-in-law in Dubuque. It was very sweet of them to throw this for me as they both have kids and I know can be very busy. It was lovely to catch up with some of Will’s family including his cousin and her 3 week old baby! I was so desperate to hold an infant, I felt like a drug addict needing a hit. We had the most amazing cookies at that shower. I probably ate 3-4 that day and 1-2 for the next few days after that…Good thing I already passed my glucose screen… Here are some pics from that shower.


With my sisters-in law and niece

IMG_2783IMG_2781 IMG_2792

Last weekend was the shower in Minneapolis hosted by my sister. I was so glad my aunts from Dallas and New Jersey flew in as well as my mom from Tennessee and my sister from Chicago. I love when my extended family all gets together. We have lot of fun making fun of my mom and her sister for all their little familial quirks. We had the BEST cake ever. It tastes amazing as well as was so pretty. It was made with a design from some embroidery my grandma had done. We were totally spoiled. Mom stuck around this week to help me get stuff done around the house.


With my aunts


With my mom and sister

IMG_3387            IMG_3376


Sorry that first post was prematurely posted with my belly as I tried to reach for a bite of lasagna. Darn MacBooks and your sensitive mousepad at the very front of the computer. I’d be lying if I said that was the first time my belly clicked the mouse on the computer.

OH! And I forgot that some co-workers threw me a surprise shower at work on Monday, which was my last day at that hospital. I’ll be at a different hospital covering someone’s vacation until I go on my own baby vacation. Someone made a delicious pistachio cake and they all chipped in to get me a gift card, which was totally thoughtful and unnecessary. I had a lot of sugar lately. Its finally all gone (just finished the last piece) and now it’s only dark chocolate for a while to give my pancreas a break 🙂


Much love to all of you


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