How things are going….

I thought I would write a little update since I am so delinquent, even though I don’t have much to say! Things have been going really well here. I’m almost 33 weeks and other than the expected discomfort from time to time, I’m feeling great. We have definitely been keeping busy. We just had a baby shower with Will’s family in Iowa and this week we have our hospital tour on Wednesday and my mom and aunts are coming to town Thursday and Friday for a baby shower here in Minneapolis.

I guess the biggest update we have is that we finally have our basement finished and clean (after an asbestos scare and not knowing how to properly clean concrete dust), and have started to move stuff from the baby’s room (has been storage) to the basement, so soon we can start putting stuff in the baby’s room. That will start to make this whole thing seem real.

The little lady is very mobile and is definitely making her presence known when I am trying to sleep. I got some books from our Iowa shower and so I started to read to her at night. This book last night made me cry. I highly recommend it. Doing little things like reading and singing to her make me start to feel like a mommy instead of just a pregnant women.


I’ll do a post next week about our showers and have some updated pics! Even though I’ve been MIA I’ve been reading your updates and have been praying for you all!



6 thoughts on “How things are going….

  1. A coworker recently asked if I was reading books to my belly yet. I’m not… maybe I’ll start, but I’ll admit, I feel a bit odd since I’m not feeling much movement yet. I mean, won’t it seem like I’m just reading to my fat?! 🙂

    • I didn’t start until 34 weeks, so won’t blame you for not doing it until she is a little more obvious 🙂 But I love it now! We do sing to her often though! My husband loves singing her Ben Rector at night and hopes she comes out loving his music!

    • Oh my goodness, so sorry I never responded to this! I was really busy the week after I wrote this and then our computer broke so I’ve been kind of out of touch besides a phone (which is read only for me!) You are so sweet!

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