Half way!

Well, we are more than half way to our destination. I was 20 weeks last Thursday and it seems so crazy that I can be that far along. I still forget I’m pregnant quite often at work as I wear scrubs and am so busy, I just don’t have time for outside thoughts. Today I had to do a procedure I haven’t done since being pregnant and totally hurt my back as I forgot I can’t posture myself how I used to. It’s silly to think really–I should always be thinking about the babe, and what is best for him/her, but I often just forget! I’m sure soon enough I won’t be able to forget. Today I was trying to bend over my table to reach my patient’s handout to circle something and thought “ouch! I can’t do that anymore!” I’m going to have to get up and go over to his side, or just ask him to pass him paper to me 🙂

Speaking of 20 weeks, that is the magical time most people get to find out the gender of their precious one. Well, not us. When we got to our appointment last week, excited beyond belief, I was asked by the nurse as she took my weight “So when are you going to have your ultrasound?” My response “um, today…that is what we are here for”. Nope. The front desk had not scheduled us for an ultrasound, but just a checkup, so the tech had left for the day 😦 I’m embarrassed to say I was near tears because I was just so excited! I had a full schedule of patients until the following Wednesday, when I had a little wiggle room to get it done. So…we’ll get to find out this week [hopefully].


It has been another good exercise in patience for me. I think since we got pregnant I have forgot about all the patience I practice for the last year and a half and was getting back in the swing of getting things my way, in my time. So I’ve been trying to patiently wait for our next appt, to find out if we’ll be having a girl or boy.

Other than wanting to sleep all day, things have still been going well and we just can’t wait until the next 20 weeks are done, and we have our little babe.


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