Fruit for me?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. But I finally made myself sit down and write. I’m been meaning to do his for a few weeks, but just haven’t had the words or time to really think about it, so just kept putting it off. We’ve got good news. Our IUI worked and we are on our way to a bump!

I’ve been wrestling with this news for a long time for several reasons. 1) I thought it was too good to be true 2) I felt guilty that it worked for me while so many others continued to struggle, 3) I was sure it was going to end badly, and 4) Each time I was about to sit down to write, another blogger/friend posted a BFN or loss and I just didn’t want to rub wounds. Well, I’m almost 10 weeks now and still think it’s too good to be true. I still have guilt when I read others’ posts about their heartache, I am still worried it will end badly- (especially after hearing about a family member’s recent loss around the point I’m at) and I’m sure as soon as I post this, someone else will be on CD1 and it will upset them.

I have so many thoughts that I want to share before I know some people with stop following my blog (which I know is inevitable as I did it too). I don’t know how to tie them together nicely, so I’ll just bullet point them. Do you mind?

  • I would have never gotten to this place with my spirit in tact if it weren’t for my fellow bloggers and God. There were so many hopeless days filled with joy because of something someone else posted, or something that made me realize how lucky I actually was in my life. The comments on my blogs that gave me the strength to keep moving. If you don’t know Elisha, you better get to know her. She is the fiercest Jesus warrior I know! I dare you to write a negative, “woe is me” post and not get a positive comment or a care package in the mail. I know when she gets to share her good news, she will have hundreds of people congratulating her.
  • I kept this news to myself for a few reasons. Some were mentioned above (fear of miscarriage and guilt). Also, with sharing so much of my life on the blog with people who I don’t know as well as friends and family. I wanted to have something  that was just mine to cherish. I have no control over so many things in life, I wanted to control how a few people in my life got our news. I wanted to surprise some people with the news when I was ready, rather than find out on my blog.
  • I am still here for you all. When someone “recovers” from a life changing disease they don’t just pick up and move on, forgetting all they’ve experienced. No, the cancer survivor visits her old friends while they’re getting chemo, and continues to advocate for their needs. The man who just got a lung transplant, still calls his friends who are on the waiting list to fill them with hope and listen to their sorrows. Please know I am always here and you can always post a comment and I will respond. God has put infertility on my heart as a badge I will wear courageously. I will never stop bringing awareness and hope for those who have to go through it.
  • I know that God put me through this trial so I could become the person he intended me to be. My life had been so easy pre-fertility challenges and to be honest, I didn’t really need God in my life. Everything just always fell my way. I have been humbled through this experience and learned not to depend on my own understanding of odds, chances, plans, or my own mental strength, but put my trust in Him and come to him broken. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  • This blog has really been a space for me to reach out and try to find people like me, so I didn’t feel so alone in my struggles. And it just that. I have loved sharing my life with all of you. I am still struggling with feelings and emotions and will continue to use this blog to talk about them. They probably won’t be as frequent, but I’ll try to get on regularly to let everyone know how I’m doing and hash out any complex feelings I’m having.
  • I still get irritated with pregnancy announcements and pregnant/mommy talk. I hope I get to the point where it doesn’t bother me anymore, but for some reason, I still have a hard time being happy for people who get pregnant by accident. So I get it if you’re irritated with me. No offense taken. Oh, and no obligatory “congrats (but in my mind I hate you)” comments needed. I get it. You don’t have to be happy for me right now, and thats ok.
  • Lastly, I am so thankful that God has blessed me with this child. I will cherish this time forever, no matter what happens from here on out. Every day I thank God for giving me another day of being pregnant. I do not take for granted that tomorrow I could wake up and everything could change. I hold tight to each day I am given with this baby.

So, there you have it. I’m pregnant. Looks like the fruit nazi has finally let me have my fruit! Hope you are next!



15 thoughts on “Fruit for me?

  1. I have been seriously waiting on this post for WEEKS! I’m so glad you finally sat down to write it….and you most certainly made me cry with your sweet and kind words! I love ya girl and I’m always just an email away on those rough days when you are fearful and worried. Keep seeking the Lord each and every day because Psalm 34:4 says, “I sought the Lord and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” I’m praying daily for you and am trusting that the precious lil tyke growing inside of you is being knitted together perfectly by our Poppa God. Love ya girl!! xo

  2. Congratulations. You are in my prayers for health, safety, and a wonderful pregnancy. Please, do not feel guilty, though I know that you have an immense capacity for empathy. But I pray that you will be able to enjoy a full heart and joy in this time. ^_^

  3. Congratulations! Such exciting news for you! I am just starting on the infertility journey with my first appointments this cycle. I love hearing about things going well. It gives me hope and renewed faith each and every time! God Bless!

    • Thanks. I’m glad my story can help you see how amazing God is and how he will work in your story as well. Best of luck for your first appointments! Don’t let anything they might say scare you from believing!!

  4. Although I only joined you on your blogging/ttc journey recently, I have enjoyed following your blog (and will continue to follow you)and your story. You were one of the first few people to like and follow my blog and I have appreciated your kind words. Thank you for sharing, and I am truly happy for you, as you give all of us hope 🙂

  5. For every person that that is angry at your joy, there is another who is filled with boundless hope that your present will be their future. Share the joy, we all need good news to balance out those things that make us sad. Truly…congratulations!

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