Straya break!

We are more than halfway through our vacation in Straya! Straya is a lot like Australia, only more Strayan. [“Straya” is how Aussie girls say Australia, and in NZ, we kind of make fun of the way they say it, like a “valley girl”.]

This month is the first month since we started TTC 18 months ago that I am not counting anything! Since we are traveling, I am taking a break from drugs, scans, temps and mucus– and just having fun. I’m having some wine and coffee (not going overboard, but enjoying myself) and we are doing all kinds of amazing things. Of most interest we went scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef!


My husband is not comfortable in the water, hence the devil look. I am so proud of him for conquering his fear and doing it!

So I don’t know what cycle day I’m on (though I could figure it out pretty easily, but choose not to!) and the hubs and I have agreed to a “no forced intercourse” rule for this month. We just do what we feel like! I have to say it’s pretty freeing. I am not anxious and the hubs isn’t either. That could have something to do with the fact that we are on holiday, but I’ll take whatever peace I can get.


So we’ll continue on our adventure and hopefully keep the peace and not worry when we get back home. We have an appointment scheduled with an RE for a couple weeks after we get home, so we can relax and know there is nothing we can do this month to help our odds,  so we can just relax. So you probably won’t hear from me for another couple of weeks or so while I enjoy and unplug. I’m praying for all you ladies back home though!!

I leave you with my favorite part of Straya so far…Wallabies! They are so much better than kangaroos because they are smaller and cuddlier. We went to a wildlife habitat where you get to feed them. We loved it so much, we went back a second time! I am in love and wish wallabies were native to Minnesota 😦 Maybe I can just adopt 10 wallabies and be a den mother for all of them? I think I would be fulfilled…


My new best friends!

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