Hurry up and Wait

Well, we are in the 2ww again. This time, we are leaving for a month long vacation pretty much the day we find out, which will either be a fun way to celebrate, or a nice consolation prize. We are having 2 weeks in Aus on our way back to US, then have 2 weeks off with the family in Iowa/Chicago before moving into our new house!

This month I was more hopeful as I had a nice big follicle “ready to pop” per the MD who did the scan. Problems with perfectly timed intercourse have made me slightly less hopeful, but hey, God can do miracles and sperm can be super patient 🙂 We have decided that maybe it’s time to start considering IUI when we get home, since timing has been one of our biggest downfalls from the beginning. I hate going through all the side effects and costs of a Clomid monitored cycles to miss the window. Hubby is not super keen on the idea, but admits logistically it would cause less stress on both of us. We’re praying about the next steps now–feel free to add us to your prayer list!

My side effects were a little different to last month, but a lot the same. I had the same very mild headache and cramping while taking the pill, but then also had major hot flashes after, which have since subsided. The worst stuff this month has been horrible cramping, bloating and nausea since stopping the pill. Like, stop what your doing and lie on the floor nausea. It’s never lasted too long, but of course when you are out with friends and instantly get a wave of nausea that is apparent on your face what do they all ask?? I think you know the answer…

We’ve moved out of our apartment and are now in hotel for 2 weeks which will be fun. Even though Will is still working, it seems like we are already on vacation. Plus, we just got a flash new rental car. Hopefully we’ll enjoy our last 2 weeks in New Zealand and not worry about the end of the 2ww.



6 thoughts on “Hurry up and Wait

  1. Praying for you girlie!!! I pray for wisdom and peace in your decision making. I always say that it’s best to wait until you have peace than to move forward without it. love ya~

  2. I’d highly recommend moving on to IUI. You can do TI along with an IUI, it’s just gives you that much better of a shot. We did 3 rounds with just follistm and TI and then 2 with follistm & IUI. I wish we would have just done IUIs from thee start. They are painless.

    • Thanks! That’s good you can do both. Just curious what is ballpark for iui in the us? I just feel like it would take out stress and (honestly) disappointment/anger at my hubby which I know he doesn’t deserve!

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