Coping better than Britney?

As I start another cycle of Clomid and am barraged with more pregnancy announcements I ask myself: how am I going to get through this? I had no idea my life would get this hard.  How am I going to deal if this continues for many more months, and years? I can’t cope anymore. The pain feels like more than I can bear and we’re only 16 months into this thing.

Then I realized, you just have to cope. (Note my usage of the word “cope” = get through). There is no alternative to coping. There are good and bad ways of coping, but nothing short of dropping dead will make me not cope. No matter how bad I feel today or how I think I just can’t handle this anymore, tomorrow I will still be battling infertility. I can’t stop it.

I saw this meme on Pinterest and it just made me laugh and totally spoke to the last few days I’d been having.




I have been doing my Bible studies each day here and here and it is helping, it really is. But as the old adage says “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. I still have doubts and fears. I’m still worried about what the future holds. I still wonder: Will I ever see what my husband’s and my genes will create (I think it would be a pretty great outcome…)? I must stay strong and hold onto the belief that I will become a mother someday and even though God hasn’t promised it directly to me, he has given me the heart of a mother for a reason. Nothing is coincidence.

8 thoughts on “Coping better than Britney?

    • Thanks! The pregnant with hope book really encourages me to believe without a specific promise (like He gave to Abraham, and you :)), but just knowing God’s overall promises for his people and that he loves when we just believe! It’s a great book.

      • I am so glad you like it! Yes, God’s promises are for all of us if we just believe. I love how God made it easy for everyone…you don’t have to be a certain way or look a certain way…you just have to believe. love ya!

  1. HUGS! I did several cycles of clomid and it never worked for me. Maybe try talking to your doctor about other options like Femara. Clomid is a really old drug with lots of side effects. As for pregnant people, I have a new coping mechanism I just invented a couple of days ago. They are not pregnant, they are just fat 🙂 Okay, stupid, I’m sorry but I hope it gave you a chuckle. Best wishes and good luck.

  2. Heard my 4th pregnancy announcement in 2 days yesterday – after scrolling through post after post of baby pictures, bump-dates, and ‘month’ growth pictures – I realized that although some days seem easier, we are 2 months shy of 30 months into this thing and it’s still hard but the only time I find it to make sense is when I turn to my faith – your book sounds so helpful in changing your mindset during those times. As soon as you can do that, it will make those hard, bad, sucky days that come too often, a lot easier to push through until a new day comes. ❤

    • Have you heard of that book before? If you want, when we are back in Iowa, I can get you a copy, or at least share mine! We’ll be there at the end of May.

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